PVE Issues and Proposed Solutions

We face many challenges in our beautiful city.  With a shared vision, our residents have an opportunity to shape our future.  My recommendations follow.

Implement Fiscal Solutions

  • Balance the budget (spend within our means or secure more funding)
  • Include all costs in the Budget (including infrastructure and pension)
  • Utilize and support the expertise of the FAC (Financial Advisory Committee)
  • Align spending to residents’ priorities (safety, fiscal solvency, infrastructure and services)
  • Implement cost reduction initiative using operational efficiencies
  • Use zero based budgeting to validate necessity of spending
  • Protect reserves
  • Take responsibility, be transparent, require accountability
  • Take active measures with the FAC and the Investment Advisory Committee
  • Hire a pension expert to advise Council
  • Create and manage a reserve fund to pay down deficits
  • Cut costs to fund the pension reserve
  • Lease GovInvest to assess and report current debt
  • Work with the FAC to address
  • Use bonuses instead of pensionable increases
  • Offer 457-deferred compensation plans (like 401k)
  • Offer non-pensionable benefits like bonuses
  • Review the CalPERs contract and seek opportunities to limit usage of CalPERs and/or redirect employee investments into something more profitable
  • Create new pension tiers on par with the private sector
  • Utilize professional services organizations
  • Lease GovInvest to project pension debt before hiring and raises and compare to professional services cost.
  • Use union negotiations to compare real cost of increasing a pensionable item.
  • Embrace the utilization of FAC forecasting tools to manage the budget
  • Validate gross receipts and enforces contractual obligations for timely financial reporting
  • Utilize suggestions from the community
  • Number of required direct reports for supervisors, managers, directors and others
  • Staff-to-management ratio

Protect Parklands

  • Protect surrounding Parkland areas against unnatural forced density
  • Never appeal a court decision that protects parkland sales
  • Never waste the people’s money ($345,000) on a lawsuit to weaken the deed restrictions that protect parkland sales
  • Establish reoccurring meetings and collaboration with the PVHA to align City policies and actions to protect CC&Rs and resident interests

Ensure Safety

  • Engage residents to gather traffic safety issues and priorities
  • Propose and implement plan
  • Monitor and report statistics monthly
  • Scope includes Cycling, pedestrian, vehicle and roadwork safety issues
  • Define, validate and publish monthly average response times
  • Require City staff and police work together to investigate reports that place our residents in danger
  • Utilize standard template contracts that any company doing roadway maintenance be compliant with safety standards or pay enforceable penalties.
  • Hold Staff accountable for inaction for resident reports on potential water breaches

Protect City Character

  • Seek better legal advice
  • Be proactive; be better prepared next time.
  • Reducing risk City is pressured into forced compromise
  • Take pro-active action NOW using the released preliminary report
  • Understand CEQA protections that extend rights to any party affected
  • Gather expertise, issues and action plan
  • Be ready when final ecological report is released initiating the 45 day response time
  • Increase transparency and engagement of residents on this issue
  • Utilize the benefit of CC&R deed restrictions to protect Parkland and the environment with optimal legal advise
  • PVE residents overwhelmingly support preservation of the City as it was built and intended.
  • Review and update Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance (NCO) as needed

Changes must go thru proper notification ensuring support and engagement of the community.

Govern with Transparency

  • Infrastructure needs will be managed in the budgeting process
  • Pension management will be added to the budget process
  • All employment costs will be presented with full pension costs
  • Develop common, clear language that our residents understand:  debt, deficits, balanced budget and solvency
  • All open Council meetings are recorded
  • Controversial items will not be hidden in the consent agenda and open discussion is welcomed
  • All contracts must be signed by Council and made public
  • Ensure timely financial reporting and validation of gross receipts
  • Update the code, ensure all products & services over $25K are properly bid
  • Prevent tax-stacking.  Residents deserve real choices, without undisclosed future taxes.  Fix the problem transparently.

Enable Reasonable Development

  • Streamline PVHA/City Planning Process
  • Support Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance View, Privacy and Mass Concerns
  • Preserve the Character of our City
  • Restrict Accessory Dwelling Units with CC&R Alignment
Michael Kemps 4 Palos Verdes Estates City Council