NEVER Sell Parklands

Our incumbent City Councilmembers voted to sell your parkland!

It was decided in court that the City’s Parkland sale was illegal, but the incumbents continued their pursuit of the sale by appealing the decision and wasting $345,000. This action compromised the City’s position which, ultimately, led to a poison-pill agreement to sell 1.3 acres rather than the initial 1.7 acres to a private party.

Palos Verdes Estates is an ecological jewel on the Pacific Coastline. Thirty percent of our city is devoted to parkland virtually unchanged and protected by deed restrictions. There is nothing more sacred to the City of Palos Verdes Estates than its open space. The remaining parkland must be permanently preserved.  I support retaining and protecting every last inch of our open space and prevent any precedent being set that would weaken the deed restrictions.

The City needs to establish and maintain a partnership with the Homes Association (PVHA) rather than the historical adversarial relationship. Both share the same constituents and tax base.

Solutions to protect our parkland:

  • Never appeal a court decision that protects parkland sales
  • Never waste the people’s money ($345,000) on a lawsuit to weaken the deed restrictions that protect parkland sales
  • Establish reoccurring meetings and collaboration with the PVHA to align City policies and actions to protect CC&Rs and resident interests

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