Govern with Transparency

Increasing public trust depends on transparency and full disclosure.  Our incumbent Council launched multiple committees:  Finance, Investment Policy and Technology.  Beginning with the Finance Advisory Committee, we need to heed their advice and recommendations – and actively implement solutions.  The Investment Committee is underutilized and has never been given the most important responsibility to review and advise on management of the $15MM of Pension debt.

Solutions to open up City government to citizens by requiring:

  • Bi-Annual release of pension debt balance. Currently only made public annually with information that is 1.5 years old.
  • Provide all costs. The City does not show employee costs inclusive of all pension costs and residents know it is being hidden and impacting financial trade-off decisions
  • Record all open Council meetings
  • Invite the public to all Committee meetings with welcomed engagement
  • Develop common, clear language that helps our residents understand: debt, deficits, balanced budget and solvency
  • Keep controversial items open for discussion. Issues will not be hidden on the consent agenda and open discussions welcomed
  • Require that contracts be signed by Council, ratified, with cost assessed and made public
  • Provide full disclosure. Residents deserve real choices without undisclosed future taxes
  • Publish current pension debt semi-yearly with budget