Protect City Character

The beauty of Palos Verdes Estates is at risk. Preserving the character, culture and charm of our neighborhoods is vital. PVE is the chosen home for families and visitors because of its rural and spacious atmosphere. Families move to the City to escape high density and city lights. We need to effectively manage pressures to change the City aligned with residents’ priorities.

Private home remodels have brought an increasing number of appeals due to concerns with views, volume and mass. Families building or remodeling are required to broker agreements between the PVHA and the City. The process needs to be streamlined for the families.  Further, the Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance (NCO) needs to be updated to reflect resident priorities. Consistent application of the Ordinance, respect for its guidelines, and positive collaboration with impacted neighbors are critical.

Council nearly passed an ordinance on Dec 11th to allow all homes to flip garages into rentable apartments, bypassing the Planning Commission. This was not required by California state law.

The City requires PVHA approval before any building permits are provided. The PVHA deed restrictions do not allow internal apartments or secondary dwellings to be rented. The City needs to form a relationship with the PVHA to partner on solutions and be better prepared.

My solutions to protect the character of our City:

  • Density issues (ADUs/JADUs, etc):
  • Seek better legal advice
  • Be proactive; be better prepared next time.
  • Strengthen the City financial position
    • Reducing risk City is pressured into forced compromise
  • Butcher Hill
    • Take pro-active action NOW using the released preliminary report
    • Understand CEQA protections that extend rights to any party affected
    • Gather expertise, issues and action plan
    • Be ready when final ecological report is released initiating the 45 day response time
    • Increase transparency and engagement of residents on this issue
  • Preservation of City Open Space:
  • Utilize the benefit of CC&R deed restrictions to protect Parkland and the environment with optimal legal advise
  • PVE residents overwhelmingly support preservation of the City as it was built and intended.

Changes must go thru proper notification ensuring support and engagement of the community.