First Term Accomplishments

During my first term, I contributed to numerous accomplishments on behalf of our residents:

  • Drove down long-term pension costs by paying down existing debt $1.82MM
  • Developed a pension funding policy that
    • Pays $250K/yr minimum towards pension debt within budget
    • Contributes 30% of annual surplus dollars towards pension debt by policy
  • Changed medical insurance brokers to reduce costs
  • Secured reimbursement of insurance costs from city concessions
  • Lead efforts as Mayor to negotiate a balanced MOU with the Palos Verdes Police Officers Association
    • Increased employee contributions through negotiations to the maximum allowed by law
    • Reduced exposure as attrition leads to lower future new pension costs
    • Shifted compensation to mix of pensionable and non-pensionable with stipends and special pays
    • Eliminated pensionable overtime pay back shift
    • Capped sick leave hours and cash out maximums
  • Secured a commitment from the City Manager to commit to Zero Based Budgeting
  • Added pension liability information in budget documents, increasing transparency for decision making
  • Tightly managed budgets which led to improving fund balances

Protected the Character of Our City

  • Appointed Commission and Committee members with a focus on residents and character
  • Increased fines to shut Down Short Term Rental “Party House” Abuse
  • Lead Butcher Hill Ad Hoc to provide a Draft EIR response and pressure the developer to pause the project
  • Pushed back on a proposed Via Valmonte office project, collaborating with City of Torrance
  • Opposed housing density bills and collaborated with neighboring cities
  • Withheld League of California Cities dues, demanding opposition of SB9/10 housing legislation
  • Supported numerous development appeals and reasonable Neighborhood Compatibility applications
  • Supported retention of local control through advocacy groups
  • Refused SB9 Legislation by supporting PVHA’s refusal of lot splits and mandated building plan stamps
  • Shaped Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance and CUP Process
  • Lead and Support Encroachment Abatement Strategy
  • Transitioned to a full-time Code Enforcement Officer

Secured the City’s Technology Infrastructure:

  • Supported joining South Bay Fiber Network to ensure the city maintains resilient, secure Internet access
  • Drove Improvements in Information Technology security and processes, protecting residents
  • Collaborated on a Technology Ad Hoc focused on mitigating risk and improving customer service
  • Began work towards the development of a Request for Proposal for a new ERP finance and human resources solution

Defend and Support Residents and City Concessions

  • Supported Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club Concession Agreement renewal and modernization
  • Commenced Afternoon Control to begin addressing traffic congestion @ Via Corta Intersection
  • Listened to and acted on resident concerns about proposed PVDW/Via Corta public works projects
  • Supported PV Transit Authority as a Member of the Board
  • Lead and Implement a city-wide RV Ordinance
  • Collaborated as a Liaison with the Palos Verdes Homes Association
  • Collaborated as a Liaison with the Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club and the Palos Verdes Golf Club
  • Supported improved Internet access by collaborating with Cox and supporting Frontier’s fiber rollout
  • Supported a balanced solution protecting both historical use, operator and neighbors nearby La Venta Inn
  • Supported increasing fire abatement and tree management
  • Eliminated the use of Side Letter Agreements for labor negotiations