Michael Kemps 4 Palos Verdes Estates City Council


My name is Michael Kemps and I am running to represent you on the Palos Verdes Estates City Council.

Read About The Solutions
  • Balance the budget (spend within our means or secure more funding)
  • Include all costs in the Budget (including infrastructure and pension)
  • Utilize and support the expertise of the FAC (Financial Advisory Committee)
  • Align spending to residents’ priorities (safety, fiscal solvency, infrastructure)
  • Reduce existing pension debt
  • Stem pension debt growth
  • Never sell Parkland
  • Protect the natural state of Parkland
  • Protect surrounding Parkland areas against unnatural forced density

Support Traffic Safety Committee to:

  • Engage residents to gather traffic safety issues and priorities
  • Propose and implement plan
  • Define, validate and publish monthly average response times
  • Be proactive on density issues (ADUs/JADUs, etc):
  • Be proactive on Butcher Hill
  • Preservation of City Open Space
  • Preservation of quality of life, ecological state and property values

Changes must go thru proper notification ensuring support and engagement of the community.

  • All contracts must be signed by Council and made public
  • Utilize clear language to communicate the City’s financial state
  • Record all open Council meetings
  • Never tax-stack. Residents deserve real choices, without undisclosed future taxes.
  • Streamline PVHA/City Planning Process
  • Support Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance View, Privacy and Mass Concerns
  • Preserve the Character of our City
  • Restrict Accessory Dwelling Units with CC&R Alignment